Contributed by Lana T.

Each holiday season is full of activity.  There are parties to go to and presents to buy. Cookies and pies to bake, dinner to prepare and people to meet for drinks. There is barely anytime to spend romantically with your partner.  Why not make some time for your partner and give the gift of sexiness?

Massage Oils.  Massages are sensuous and relaxing. They are a great form of foreplay as you can touch your partner everywhere. You can ease your partner’s mind and massage away the stress of the season while awaking their sensuality.

Lingerie. Why not greet your partner dressed in some lingerie? Or purchase something nice for your partner? You can get anything ranging from a pair of simple silk pajamas to crotchless panties or a body stocking, whatever fulfills your fantasy.

Toys. Adult toys can bring a lot of fun to the bedroom. Why not try a remote control vibrator and wear it out to drinks? You can thrill your partner from far away to prep for a wild evening.

Getaway. Hire a babysitter and sneak away for a night to a bed and breakfast or a local hotel.  You can even escape for a few hours and meet your partner for a tryst.

Photos. You can hire a photographer to take some sexy boudoir photos. Or snap some pictures of your own to give to your partner.

What sexy gifts do you recommend? We invite you to share your ideas in the comment box below.