Contributed by Candy H.

In a long-term, committed relationship, it is easy to fall into a rut and take your partner for granted.  However, it is important to show you care for them on a daily basis.

  • Compliments.  Take the time to be complimentarytell them how nice they look, what a great idea they had or how delicious their cooking is.  Kudos can also be given in public.  If you are at a party, do not hesitate to praise your partner to the people you are talking to when your partner is by your side.
  • Touch.  Not all touches need to be sexual.  You can give a hug and a kiss, touch them on their arm or shoulder, hold hands or snuggle on the couch during a movie.
  • Listen.  When your partner is talking do not text, look at the TV or type on the computer.  Take the time to press pause, turn to your partner, look into their eyes and listen.
  • Watch your tone.  Speaking in a calm, loving tone with a smile on your face is more caring than speaking curtly or snapping.
  • Respect them when they are down.  There may be times when your partner experiences disappointments or setbacks.  Offer to listen if they need to talk, give them space to process how they feelbe supportive.
  • Presents.  You do not need to give diamond bracelets or a new car as gifts.  Small presents help your partner realize that you are thinking of them when they are not around.  Giving a small trinket, a card or even some flowers when they least expect it can express your love.
  • Say ‘I love you.’  Saying the words can be the best thing someone hears.  You may think they know it but hearing it can do wonders.

What are some of the ways you show your partner that you love them?