Contributed by Jo K.

Falling into a rut in the bedroom? Want to add some spice? Here are seven sexy suggestions.

Role Play. Do you have a fantasy? Maybe it’s to be pulled over by a cop or to be taken care of by a sexy nurse?  Make up a costume from your own wardrobe or buy something fun and play the role to the hilt.

Use a remote control vibrator. When you go out to dinner or dancing, you can give him the control.  He will then be in charge of your pleasure.

Spanking. It may sound silly, but being “punished” can be fun.  Your tush is an erogenous zone and a light tapping can be a turn on.  Be sure to communicate about how hard the spank is, especially if it is painful.

Masturbate. Masturbation is done in private, but what if you let your partner watch?  They can peek in through the door or be right next to you in bed.

Role Reversal.  In life, we feel we always have to be in control, letting your partner take the reigns can be a great relief. And, if you’re someone who tends to be submissive, taking control can be a thrill and a great confidence booster.

Erotica. You can choose a sexy erotic book and read passages to each other. Or you can rent a movie that you think you would enjoy and watch it together. You could also write your own erotica prose and share it with your lover.

Hot and cold. Keep a cup of tea or some ice water on the bedside table.  Please your partner with oral sex and take small sips of the tea to warm them up or place an ice chip in your mouth for a cooler sensation.

How do you keep things hot and spicy in your relationship?  We invite you to participate in the conversation by filling in the box below.