Contributed by Steven B.

Being in a relationship has its highs and lows.  One minute you are happily holding hands and the next you are in a screaming match.  Some things can be worked out but sometimes it turns out you are simply not compatible and need to go your separate ways.  The big problem is when we go from one relationship to the other with the same results.

There are many things that are factored into compatibility, but here are the different areas that can turn a relationship sour the quickest:

Money.  We have all heard that finances are the cause for many a divorce.  If you are a spendthrift and your partner’s wallet is empty by the end of each day, you will need to really evaluate how it can work out.

Free time.  You like to spend a lot of time with your partner, but your partner is more independent.  In the end, you will appear too needy and they might appear uncaring. Try to find a partner who has the same level of independence as you do or understands and accepts your need for independence.

Children.  If you are dating someone with children, it is best not to interject with your opinion on how strict or lax they are with discipline.  Talking about how your partner should raise his or her children is a recipe for sure conflict.

Politics/Religion.  You can have different opinions on these subjects as long as each party respects the others’ opinions and doesn’t try to change them.

Sex.  Having different levels of desire can cause a lot of problems. If one partner is happy once a week and the other wants sex everyday, it will cause feelings of being undesirable if rejected or unwanted pressure to have sex.

What do you and your partner argue about the most? How do you resolve these conflicts? We invite you to share your ideas in the comment box below.