Contributed by Tanya S.

Silence is not golden when you are being intimate with your partner.  Any sound is better than no sound; but talking dirty can be intimidating.  Here are some tips on talking dirty with your partner:

Practice on your own. Sometimes people feel ridiculous when they are talking dirty.  When they first try it, it is daunting.  If you practice, it becomes easier and less challenging. When you feel comfortable, try it with your partner.

Use bad words. The naughtiness of hearing dirty words helps bring a naughty attitude to sex.

Alter your tone. You can speak softly during foreplay and louder and firmer as time goes on.  A clear firm tone can be commanding and a turn-on.

Say what you like. Something feel good? Say so. “I like that”, “That feels good” work well.  If you find things too exciting to remember how to speak, moan loader.

Ask questions. Unsure if what you are doing is exciting, ask.  “Do you like this?” “Does this feel good?”

Say what you are about to do. Hearing what is going to happen brings anticipation and excitement.  If you cannot think of anything to say, let them know what is coming next.

Speak in a foreign language. You can speak dirty in a foreign language, but if your partner has no clue as to what you are saying then saying you need to do laundry can sound sexy.  However, thinking about laundry may get you out of the mood.

Use your partner’s name.  Hearing your own name makes you feel like you are connected with your partner.

What dirty talk tips do you have?