Contributed by Tanya S.

Everyone has heard of the g-spot and the clitoris but they are not the only hot spots on a woman.  There is also the u-spot and the a-spot.  Let’s do a little inventory of a woman’s erogenous zones including the most recent discoveries.

The clitoris.  The clitoris is the most well known hot spot on a woman.  It is clearly visible and has been talked about for years.  But it is more than you think it is.  The outer area of the clitoris is located just above the vulva, where the inner labia meet.  It looks like a small nub and is covered by a protective hood.   But the clitoris also reaches inside of a woman and forms an inverted V.  There is debate that some of the nerve endings intertwine with the g-spot. The external section of the clitoris can be stimulated directly.  The intensity and timing of contact is something you should discuss with your partner as it varies with each woman.

The u-spot.  There is a collection of nerves around the urethra opening.  This u-spot has only recently been ‘discovered’ by sex researchers but I am sure that many people noticed that direct contact in this area feels good.

The g-spot.  The G-spot is located 2-3 inches within the vaginal opening on the front wall.  The texture of the g-spot feels similar to the texture of the roof of your mouth by the front teeth, soft and slightly wrinkled.  It can be directly stimulated by inserting a finger and curling it towards the belly in a ‘come hither’ fashion or with a curved toy.  Repetitive pressure can bring forth arousal.

The a-spot.  This area can be found using a technique similar to find the g-spot.  The a-spot is the anterior wall of the vagina.  It is located further inside the vagina, beyond the g-spot, it will feel like a small protrusion.  By applying upward pressure on the spot, it can cause arousal and an increase in lubrication.

What do you do to keep things exciting for you and your partner?