Contributed by Donna Marie




Millions of people around the world are making small but significant changes to help sustain our ecosystem every day. Want to join them, and help make the earth a healthier place to live? It’s simple – try these tips, courtesy of Earth Day:  

(1)  Replace regular light bulbs with energy efficient ones – they use less electricity, resulting in lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. If you are concerned about mercury in compact fluorescent bulbs, investigate mercury-free light emitting diode (LED) bulbs, now available at most hardware stores.

(2)  Drive less, get regular tune-ups and consider a hybrid car – all can reduce CO2 levels and improve fuel efficiency. 

(3)  Eat locally farmed foods that are grown organically. It takes less energy to get them to market and organic farming uses no synthetic pesticides.

(4)  Buy recycled products – and recycle your trash. In addition, steer clear of products that use excessive packaging.

Small steps and individual responsibility can make a huge difference all over the world – get started today, and encourage others to do the same!