Contributed by Caryn Starr-Gates

American Idiot is 90 minutes of pure musical joy. Based on the seminal 2004 album of the same name by rock group Green Day, the show chronicles the ennui and misadventures of a group of young Gen-Yers in post-911 America, all sung and danced to the album’s tracks.

Every facet of this show is superb. The staging is exhilarating, the singing and acting are great, and of course the music will have you trying not to jump out of your seat. The inventive set is used to its full advantage by all. The small (and talented) band is right on stage with the actors, part of the show, and some of the actors pick up a guitar now and then to accompany themselves on a number. The encore ending, featuring my favorite Green Day song, “Time of Your Life” by Cast of American Idiot, brought on tears and cheers.

You need not be a teenager or 20-something to appreciate and enjoy the show—you just need to appreciate great rock music and Broadway theater at its best.