The Chefs at Food For The Soul™ have been cooking up lots of new dishes and we invite you to add your particular flavor to The Daily Special feature. As part of this feature, we serve up ideas each day to nourish some important areas of our lives.  If you would like to contribute (or know someone who might be interested), here are the areas open for Guest Chefs:

  • Monday helps you plump up your money IQ with Financial Feast—the latest financial news, tips and information on money, investing, insurance, work, and building wealth to keep you in the green.
  • Tuesday features our Wellness Tonic to keep you toned up physically, mentally, and emotionally. Read about health, nutrition, fitness, and more centering on all aspects of well-being.
  • Wednesday cooks up some Spicy Morsels where issues of  love, sex, relationships, sensuality, and more will be the focus.
  • Thursday features Personal Life Coach Noreen Sumpter who answers your questions in Nourishing Nibbles. Ask any question you want, she won’t bite!
  • Friday prepares you for your weekend with a full helping of Culture Casserole, which offers stories, ideas and reviews of the latest movies, music, plays, restaurants, art exhibits, and more to serve up suggestions about what to do, what to see, and where to go.

We are also accepting contributions for other website features:

  • Passion Story. We love promoting people who have brought their passions to life. Here we are looking for people to post Passion Stories that showcase what inspired them to actualize their particular passion. If this describes you or someone you know, feel free to share as it’s no secret all of us have ideas but few of us actually make them happen!
  • Views of Our Fathers.  A series of real-life accounts written from the child’s or parent’s perspective with a focus on the lessons learned from positive or negative experiences. The intention of Views of Our Fathers is to present the many roles fathers play and bring to light all of the things they provide their children beyond the traditional and expected.
  • Consider This.  In this area we accept anything that feeds your inspiration and fuels your passion including poetry, short stories, articles, favorite products or services and everything in between.

If you have (or know someone who has) a perspective fit for any of our menu areas, these can be submitted to Please note that food for the soul™ retains the right to edit any material submitted for inclusion on the website, with respect for, and with the understanding that the integrity of contributions will be retained to the fullest extent possible. If you’d like a few tips on how to create your post, be sure to check out our Blogateria.

We look forward to hearing from you!

With gratitude,
Your FFTS Team