Contributed by Alex F.


I wanted to see The Expendables 2, but none of my friends enjoy action movies so I decided to check it out on my own.  The audience was an interesting mix of seniors, 20 year olds and every age in between so I fit right in.  The Expendables 2, a tribute to the action movie genre, is an assemblage of many well-known 1980s action stars. I thought it was funny and entertaining. As much as I was surprised about how good they all were, I was struck by how these actors in their 50s and 60s, who might be considered over the hill, are still in such great shape.  Also, Stallone (who co-wrote the film) believed that the movie should showcase the talents and skills of veteran actors.

It made me wonder how, if at all, my age might be holding me back. Did I give up anything because I felt I was too old to do it?  I realized there might be a kernel of truth there—at least in my perception.  For example, I used to really enjoy skateboarding but I’ve long given it up even though I am still physically capable of this activity.  My initial thinking—I am too old for this.  But what I realized is that skateboarding no longer interests me. It is still fun but doesn’t capture my interest in the same obsesessive way as it did when I was younger.

My age also comes up when I am invited to parties.  If I see that a party is starting at 10 pm, I think about it ending at around 2 am and immediately decide not to go because it’s too late.   When I was 20 this wouldn’t faze me.  I used to go out, dancing all night or to concerts and night clubs, after midnight and even stayed out until 6 am.  Why can’t I stay out now? Is it because I am too old?  While I am older, the fact is that back then I didn’t have the responsibilities I have now.

After going through my list of ‘age sensitive’ activities, I realized that I am not too old to skateboard or to stay out late. These activities are fun, but not as much fun as the other things I do now.  Spending time with my family as we make pancakes in the morning or working out with a personal trainer is more enjoyable.  I don’t want to go out to clubs until 3 in the morning because I already did that and it is an activity that has gotten old and stale, not me.  I am not too old, my priorities and interests are different now.

From now on, when I feel the temptation to say “I’m too old” to do this or that activity, the movie made me just a bit more aware that this catch-all phrase is a limiting simplification and what is actually at work is I am older and I am in a new phase of my life with different priorities and interests than I had when I was younger.

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