Contributed by Sam N.

Source: vacation is something we look forward to all year—it means time away from work and a moment for ourselves; but what if your vacation not only helped you to replenish yourself but helped the world as well?  Eco-tourism allows you to enjoy the wonders of nature in a way that contributes to the environment and the local economy.

Botswana, Africa.  If you are looking for a safari vacation, Botswana is one of the safest and most progressive places to visit.  Almost half of the wildlife population is under government protection, so you will get to see wildlife in its natural habitat.

Galapagos Islands.  Ecuador has protected the Galapagos since Darwin explored the riches of its wildlife.  It is a national park and can be explored by boat or by using scuba gear.

Costa Rica.  While Costa Rica is tiny, it is packed with a variety of exotic wildlife and plants.  You can also get lots of beach time in, visit some rain forests and even some volcanoes.  You can go on hiking trips and tours; be sure to use a guide through the rainforest as it is possible to get lost.

Belize.  Mayan ruins and tropical rain forests await you in Belize.  The country is friendly and beautiful and contains wildlife you cannot see anywhere else.

Alaska.  Fishing, river rafting, whale watching, bear viewing, eagle sightings and hiking are just some of the fun outdoor activities you can experience in Alaska.  You can even rent a cabin for the whole family.

Remember that when you visit new areas not to bring along any seeds or wildlife with you that can upset the ecological system of your next vacation spot.