Contributed by Tanya S.

I must have been to the Museum of Natural History more then a dozen times on school trips when I was a kid.  But, as an adult, I have never visited the Museum. It is not that I didn’t want to go.  I just had ‘I’ll do it later’ mentality.  The Museum will always be there, I told myself, you can go another time.  But with a friend in town, I had the perfect excuse.

I had heard about the previous frog show from a friend.  In glass cases, throughout the exhibit, are different species of frogs.  My favorites were the poison dart frogs.  Small brightly colored frogs secrete a poisonous venom through their skin.  People capture these frogs and rub darts on their skin to make the darts poisonous.  If kept airtight, these darts can remain poisonous for a year.  Luckily, these frogs were not poisonous.  They are bred in Pennsylvania.  As it turns out, the frogs themselves do not make poison.  When they eat a certain type of ant, the ant becomes poisonous in their system so they have to dispel the poison through their skin.  Good to know, but if I see one loose, I still won’t pick it up.

The World’s Largest Dinosaurs exhibit was okay.  It was interesting to stand next to an outline of a dinosaur and see how small I really am in comparison.  I also learned that a brontosaurus has a set of lungs as well as two air sacs to store air, enabling him to have a constant flow of fresh air even when he is breathing out.  This exhibit was more geared towards children and was interactive with a sand pit to dig in, a heart you can pump and other touch oriented activities.

I also walked throughout the rest of the museum checking out fossils and dioramas.  It was fun to revisit what I had seen as a small child and appreciate all the museum had taught me.  It bought back a lot of memories and made a new memory of time spent with my friend, that I will always cherish.