Contributed by Michael Levin

Give the Gift of Freedom

If this really is the land of the free, then why do many of us feel so trapped?  Why do we often feel deeply unsatisfied?  Isn’t there even more possible than what we’re experiencing now?  There must be!

And there is.

Whether the issue is strained relationships, limited finances, unrealized careers, distressing body image, or negative patterns of behavior that serve us poorly, it all comes down to one simple fact: we don’t feel free.

In this revolutionary new book, co-authors Sharon Brick and Donna Fullerton will introduce you to The Freedom Zone, a place where you can come to terms with loss and disappointment and build a new life with a sense of previously unimaginable freshness and joy.

The Freedom Zone is a way of being, a way of thinking, a way of comprehending and living life unlike anything you may have experienced so far.  It’s an approach to healing the past, loving the present and creating a breathtaking future.

You belong in The Freedom Zone.  Let Donna and Sharon take you on the journey of your life.  Your new life of Freedom.