Submitted by Sandra P.

I discovered the meatball shop a few weeks after it opened. People on the street kept asking me “Do you know where that meatball shop is?” Since I need to have the answer to everything, I decided I would have to find it.

Located at 84 Stanton Street, in the Lower East Side with a two week old second shop at 170 Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, the Meatball Shop delivers comfort food with a few delicious twists.  

After my first visit, I quickly became addicted and visited the shop for lunch once or twice a week, making sure I tried each type of meatball. Everyday they serve a choice of beef, pork, chicken, vegetable or a daily special along with a variety of sauces.

My favorite choice is the classic beef meatball smash: two delectable meatballs on a toasted brioche with parmesan cheese sauces (five other sauces are available) provolone cheese with a yummy fresh salad. 

Dessert is extra special here as they make their own ice cream cookie sandwiches.  Homemade cookies with homemade ice cream and you get to choose the combination.  The ginger cookie with caramel ice cream is spectacular.