Contributed by Elise G..


Last year I vowed to go out and experience more culture. I was spending too much time on my own and, when I did spend time out with friends, we mainly went out to eat. I wasn’t taking advantage of the culture that surrounded me in New York City.

I made a resolution to go out at least twice a month to experience some art and culture. I enlisted some friends and family members to join me on my adventures.  When out-of-towners came to visit, I made sure to take them to all the tourist-y spots including the Brooklyn Bridge, Moma and other art museums, the Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building.

Each month, I would scour the internet to find the upcoming events for the month. I found find free music, comedy shows and inexpensive plays. When orchestras had rehearsals, my friends and I would get tickets to listen to classical music. Museums have different exhibitions and many offer free admission at least once a month.

During 2012, I experienced so many new things. While I did not like all the plays, concerts or exhibits I saw, I enjoyed many of them and, most of all, I liked discovering gems in out of the way places. I look forward to continuing my adventures in art and culture appreciation in the New Year.

How have you appreciated art and culture this past last year? We invite you to write your comments in the box below.