Contributed by Nate J.


I think one of the most popular desires that people have is to write a book. Last year two of my friends made this resolution. While I supported them enthusiastically, I didn’t hold my breath—fulfilling on resolutions takes major shifts in thought patterns and habits.  My friends followed through and, when December came along, they had both finished their books.

Throughout the year, I heard them talk about the struggles of facing a blank page and making the deadlines they set up for themselves. Yet they did it and I am so proud of them!

From the time I was in high school, I loved writing and was editor of the school newspaper. My goal was to be a journalist and write for the science section of the New York Times. Even though my path went a different way, I still would like to write a book.

Seeing the success of my friends has inspired me and so this year, my resolution is to write a book. I want to write an instructional book for beginners in my industry. My plan starts with doing some market research on what people want to learn and them make my outline. At least that is what I think I need to do. The great thing is there are two people I know who have already done it. All I need to do is ask them how they did it and follow their lead.

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