Contributed by Nate J.

Write a bookI knew when I made a resolution to write a book by the end of 2013, I would have a long road ahead of me. I just didn’t realize how bumpy the road would be.

The main thing that contributes to my difficulties is fear and low self-esteem. I know I can write but there is some part of my mind that says I don’t know what I am doing. Each day I decide I’m going to write today, it takes me a long time before I actually sit down and get to work.

So far I haven’t done much actual writing. Most of my time has been spent doing market research. While research is important because it allows me to better focus my book, I really need to get going if I’m going to accomplish my goal.

As far as writing, I have laid out the outline for what will be in the book and wrote part of the opening chapter. When I get stressed and worried if it is good enough, I remind myself that this is a first draft and I can go back later to polish it up.

How have you expressed yourself creatively so far this year?  We invite you to write your comments in the box below.