Contributed by Mike Di Paola

The creatures of the Galapagos Islands have lived a mostly charmed existence for millions of years, but when an invasive species threatens to upset the natural order, Darwinian mechanisms ignite. Because the invaders happen to be Russian mafia on holiday, feelings are hurt, and body parts are sorely tested.

On a recent jaunt to the Galapagos, environmental journalist Mike Di Paola witnessed both unfathomable beauty and unconscionable behavior, inspiring his new short story “Natural Deselection,” available on e-leaf for just 99¢ at TheWriteDeal.  All proceeds donated to Fauna & Flora International.

Take the opportunity to read Mike’s short story and contribute to a great cause, which gets an outstanding rating from CharityNavigator, by entering here or by clicking e-leaf cover below.  No animals were harmed in the making of this story.