Contributed by Tanya S.


Chocolate makes me happy.  Whenever someone asks me what I would like for a gift, chocolate is the top answer.  I love dark chocolate with nuts, caramel, peanut butter…well I like all chocolate.  My favorite holiday is Easter because you get an entire basket filled with chocolates.  I have convinced myself that eating chocolate is an important part of my health.  It is filled with antioxidants and flavanoids.  What this means for my health is not too much of a concern, I just needed a reason to eat it.  I even buy chocolate calcium supplements.  I carry chocolate around in my purse and have a stash in my fridge.  Whenever my friends need a chocolate fix, they can be assured I have some tucked away somewhere.

But, I am a chocolate snob.  Why? Well I am aware that chocolate is not completely healthy.  It still contains sugar and I should not eat too much.  I found that if I had a chocolate craving and I reached for some chocolate kisses, I would eat 10 of them and still not be satisfied.  They have so much added to them that the chocolate flavor is not really there.  If I buy some high quality chocolate it is so rich and flavorful that one square is enough.

Yesterday I went for a visit to Vosges Chocolates on Spring Street in SoHo.  Every Thursday until September 22, from 5-7 they give everyone a free glass of champagne and a free truffle.

My first truffle was the Balsamic Vinegar truffle.  The vinegar was not overpowering, but was subtle.  It added a unique flavor to the chocolate accenting its dark bitterness while bringing out its sweetness at the same time.

Next was the Dulce de leche.  I am a fan of caramel and this was a nice blend.  The chocolate and the caramel did not overwhelm one another.  Instead they blended well and I wanted another.

Then I tried the Tian Nacu, which was my favorite. It had vanilla bean added to the creamy center and made me quite happy.

My last truffle was the Red Fire truffle.  It is sprinkled with chile powder and had some chilies inside the chocolate.  For those who fear hot foods, it is not too hot, it just has a little heat.

So amazing was my experience at Vosges that I decided to get some chocolate-to-go.

I purchased the Bacon Caramel Toffee and sampled some today.  I thought it would have more of a bacon flavor but all I tasted of the bacon was a salty smokey flavor.  I preferred the Red Fire Toffee, a nutty crunchy toffee with a hint of heat at the end.  I also brought home their peanut butter bar, which was delicious. I have tried the other bars and am a fan of the Black Pearl with ginger wasabi and black sesame, and the Naga Bar with sweet indian curry and coconut.

If you’re a chocolate lover like I am, treat yourself to some of the unique concoctions at Vosges and let us know your favorites.