Contributed by Tanya A.


My favorite character in the new Avengers movie is The Hulk.  The Hulk is a man who was infected with gamma rays.  As a result, whenever he gets angry, he turns into a raging green monster.  After destroying much of New York City, he became a recluse in India, hiding from the world and the pain he caused others.

Throughout the movie, the other super heroes asked him how he was able to keep his anger in control.  He finally reveals his secret – he doesn’t suppress his anger, he is always angry.  This got me thinking, am I always angry too?

I have a very relaxed low-key demeanor.  I am even tempered and can keep my cool even in the toughest situations. As a matter of fact, there are people that I have known for years who are waiting for the day they can see me angry. What they don’t realize is that I do get angry, often very angry. Who wouldn’t be? Life can offer some bad experiences. I am often angry, anxious, and depressed.  But I am also happy. At any time, I can feel any of these feelings.  They are always there.  My problems don’t disappear. They are constant. Money is tight. People get ill and die.  People treat me poorly.  Not all of these things are within my control.  But my outlook is.

Being happy is my conscious decision. I choose everyday to find the feeling of happiness inside of me and focus on it. It doesn’t happen every day.  Sometimes I am just depressed, angry or anxious.  But even if I start the day that way, I do not need to end it that way.

So like the Hulk I am angry all the time but I just focus on bringing my happiness to the forefront.