Contributed by Devon S.

Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of America destroying homes and lives. Even if you are far away and cannot provide shelter, there are ways to help.

Donate blood. Blood is needed to help victims of the hurricane and to replace what was lost when hospitals lost power. You can schedule an appointment to donate blood at New York Blood Center.

Donate money. You can also donate money to the American Red Cross. They will use the money to purchase supplies, clothes, food and provide emotional support.  You can donate at American Red Cross or text “redcross” to 90999 and you will receive a $10 charge on your phone bill that will go to the Red Cross.

Donate shelter and furnishings.  The Salvation Army is providing food trucks and shelter all around the east coast. You can donate money to The Salvation Army or you can donate used furniture and clothes that will be sold in The Salvation Army stores.

Donate food. Food and water is also being contributed by Feeding America. They have given thousands of pounds of food but more is still needed. You can donate at Feeding America.

Donate time. If you are in the area, you can also donate your time.  You can find out how best to help at Samaritan’s Purse Volunteer Network.

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