Do you have some inspiration you want to share? Some nibbles for your soul mates to bite into?  Become a Guest Chef.

Submit your ideas, stories and quotes to  Your ideas may become part of  The Daily Special feature, your quotes might be selected as a Daily Treat and your stories may be published as a Main Course.

Here are some guidelines:

Be Brief.  Can you say it faster? Do so. Get to the main point in the first paragraph—a slow start may stop many from moving on to the good stuff.

Be Purposeful.  Try to make sure each post has a ‘takeaway’—some tip or bit of information that will help readers move their life forward in a meaningful way.

Be Respectful.  Your audience is composed of intelligent people.  Imagine you are writing email advice to a friend.  You would want to be upbeat and thoughtful but not afraid to tell the truth.

Be Conversational. Treat the post as if you are having a direct conversation with your audience. For example, ‘you should communicate directly with your partner’ instead of ‘when someone is in a relationship, she should talk directly to her partner’

Ingredients. All posts need a meaningful, clear and snappy Headline; can be short (e.g., synopsis of 100 words or less), medium (e.g., more engaging and opinionated of 100-300 words) or long (e.g., a “thinking piece” of 500 or more words); conclude with a question to trigger conversation; include links and possibly an image/video.

Punctuation Issues. For spelling and hyphenation, use Merriam-Webster.  Looking for similar word, use the Thesaurus or Visual Thesaurus.

Submissions may be edited before publication.

Let us know what you’re cooking up.  We look forward to hearing from you.