Just One

What if I could change the world
Just one person
Just one
What if it all depended on me
To shine this light in the darkness
I want to start a revolution
I want to make history
I want to change the world.
I will not follow the crowd
The voice in my head is too loud
To ignore
It is spurring me on
To go and make a change
The voice in my heart is pulling
Me ever so nearer to a brighter light
Just one voice.
So, let me sing my song
Let me harmonise with the Spirit of God
His vocals are astounding
He’s making a change in me
One God
One Spirit
It began with One
It will end with One.
The ordinary just won’t do
Being lazy just won’t do
The comfort zone isn’t enough
It’s my responsibility
To change the hearts around me
To join millions of others
Who believe
That it begins with one.
They believe they’ll be the one
To change the world 
That they can make a difference
Apart from the crowd. 
Join me
We can change the world together 
And many will see
That it all begins with one.
By: N Fullerton
(Partly inspired by Israel Houghton)