Last night in JA – Sunset from Vincent & Helen’s yard - Kingston(3)

Your past mistakes are quite capable of inflicting their own punishment. There is no need for you to help them. It is natural to feel guilt and remorse for things in the past which were wrong.

Once you’ve learned from your mistakes, however, the sense of guilt serves no purpose. If you were to bury yourself in guilt and shame for the rest of your life it would not undo what has already been done.

Learn from the past and then move on. Avoid making the same mistakes again. Rather than beating yourself up with guilt, use that energy to take positive steps. Feeling guilty or sorry for yourself will simply make you sorry. Is there any use in that?

Take a breath of fresh air. The past is behind you. Focus on what you can do, not on what you could have or should have done. Your power is in the present, and it will influence the future. Take wisdom from the past and then look forward. There’s where all your opportunities are.



Ralph Marston