Contributed by Ingrid K.

Learning to take control of your money and achieve you financial dreams may not be as difficult as you think. There are lots of online tools and websites to help you manage your money properly. Here are 4 great websites that can help:

Goal: Learning more about finances: Learnvest.  Bootcamps are an important part of Learnvest’s website.  After you subscribe to a bootcamp, you will receive a daily email for 1-2 weeks giving you specific tasks to achieve you goals.  Bootcamp topics include learning financial basics, getting out of debt, cutting your costs and preparing for a baby.

Goal: Set up a budget: Mint. You can keep track of all your accounts on Mint.  Your savings, credit, mortgage, investments and credit cards will be all in one secure place.  You can create budgets and financial goals and monitor your money.

Goal: Keep track of Daily Expenditures: Spend Free. If keeping track of everyday purchases is you goal, then Spend Free or iXpensIt are great apps for your phone.  You can create daily, weekly, monthly and yearly budgets and create you own categories.  No need to hold on to all your receipts, you can enter the amount you spent right at the store.

Goal: Paying off Debt: Debt Minder. Paying off you debt can be stressful. Which debt do you pay off first? How will you ever reach your goal? You can choose between different debt repayment plans and choose the one that motivates you the most.  Then you can keep track of your progress and figure out new ways to save.

Do you have any online tools to recommend to your soulmates?