Contributed by Pamela Z.

RaiseAsking for a raise is difficult for most people, the fear of rejection is intense. Then there are the reasons we use to justify not even trying: They will think I’m greedy. We are in hard economic times.  They will give me a raise when they see fit. I’ll just wait to get the standard raise, after all that’s what everyone else is going to get. All of these beliefs may appear to be valid, but it is really your fear talking.

Across the various jobs I have had, I have received raises, bonuses, promotions or perks, within three months of starting the job. Every year, if not every six months, I renegotiate again.  Oh, and I have never been turned down. Here are some ideas I used to overcome my fears about getting the raise I believe I deserve.

I keep track of all of my successes from my first day.  Did you find an unpaid invoice, collect a bunch of overdue bills, save the company a bunch of money somehow? Make a note of what you did and how much money you made for the company.  Are you able to tackle lots of projects because you are organized? You have saved the company time and money.  Even if it seems small write it down, it all adds up.

Check out your job description.  What skills are you using to meet this description? What extra skills are you bringing in that no one else has? Where have you gone out of your job description to get the job done?

Schedule a meeting and ask for the raise.  Do not apologize before hand. Starting with “I am sorry to have to ask you” or “I know we are having a rough time financially” is supplying your boss with the excuse you will accept when they tell you no.  Instead start of by stating your skills and the financial value you have added to the company, then talk about how you think you merit a raise.

Do not accept no.  If they cannot give you a financial raise due to budget constraints, ask for extra paid time off, sick days, transit checks, free lunches, etc.  These perks will also benefit you financially. 

Do not threaten to quit if they don’t give you the raise.  Check out other companies to see what they are paying their employees, maybe switching will give you the raise you desire.

Good luck. Remember you are worth it!

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