Contributed by Nadine P.

There are many habits in the workplace that we can fall into that can hurt us in the long run.  Habits can be hard to break but holding on to them only hurts oneself.  Here are the top five habits that can hurt you in the workplace:

Gossiping.  I recently worked in a place that was so gossipy, even the managers gossiped with employees.  It created an atmosphere of mistrust.  Any conversation would be overheard, misconstrued and then spread around.  If you find you are gossiping at work, ask yourself why? Is it really making you feel better? It is more then likely that the person who is gossiping to you, is gossiping about you as well.  Stop engaging in gossip and with gossipers.  You can say “If she wanted to me to know, I am sure she would have told me. Thank you.”

Isolating oneself.  The complete opposite of gossiping.  You are not being paid to chat, but you are working with people you need to get along with.  Basic manners are needed in all your interactions.  You may be rushed, but before you start asking questions about work, realize that the person you are talking to is a person.  Say hello and ask how they are. Smile. Have lunch with a coworker.  All of these things can keep your relationships harmonious and create synergy.

Resisting Change. Business requires constant change.  Look at how cell phones have changed over the years.  Imagine if cell phone companies never innovated.  Just because you have done it one way for so long, doesn’t mean it will keep working. Change will happen with or without you. It may be scary, because it is uncertain, but it has to happen.



Being Negative.  Negativity is contagious and can spread like gossip.  Negativity is rooted in self-doubt.  Why do you think you are incapable of learning something new or taking on a big project?  You are not perfect but neither is anyone else.  Instead of focusing on what you did wrong in the past, take it as a learning experience and try to figure out how to avoid these mistakes in the future.

Procrastination.  “I work better under pressure.”  This is a little white lie we tell ourselves.  Proscratination makes you look unreliable and can lead to you making little (or big) mistakes because you are rushing through your work.  Procrastination also makes life extremely stressful as unfinished work is in the back of your mind.  Take a look at how you are spending your time.  Are you putting out fires instead of avoiding them? Are you unable to understand how to prioritize? You are not born knowing how to prioritize and manage your time but you can learnDo the most difficult task on your to do list first, not the easiest. Doing the hardest task gives you the momentum to get the rest of your work done.


What habits do you think should have made it into the top five?  We invite you to share your thoughts in the box below.