Contributed by Tilly G.

“Nothing in life is free.”  Well, this may have been true but the internet allows us to reach out to more people and access more knowledge then ever.  Here is what you can get for free by using the internet:

Learn a new language.  Traveling soon? Want to learn the basics of a new language?  You can learn Mandarin, Spanish, Greek, German and more by taking lessons on  Some courses last 12 weeks.

Learn how to run a small business. Writing a business plan is essential to start a business. You can learn how to write one at You can also learn how to finance your business on line or you can visit one of the Small Business Administration’s district offices in your city.

Business cards for your new business. You can get free business cards at  The online printing company offers a variety of templates for you to design a business card.  You will receive 250 free business cards and you will only pay for shipping.

Help fixing your computer.  Volunteer experts will quickly answer any questions you have regarding your computer problems.  Answering questions about hardware glitches, meltdowns and coding questions can be sent to

Your credit report.  You are allowed one free credit report from each agency once a year.  Many companies offer you a free credit report if you sign up for their insurance program.  This is unnecessary.  You can receive your free credit report at

There are many more free helpful services on line.  What are some of your favorites?