Contributed by Jerry G.

Wedding BandI look at my wedding band and I see what 15+ years of living can do to platinum and gold. All the bumps, bangs, scrapes and rubbing have surely taken their toll.

The newness is gone. The sparkle isn’t the same. It’s not the focal point of my hand anymore.  Maybe it’s time to retire it for newer, better jewelry. Or go without. After all, it’s old and worn. All our favorite things eventually get shabby and we move on.

Over the years, some of the metal has worn away. Rubbed off and become miniscule particles falling to the ground like anything subjected to sun, rain, wind and life. But, even with all that it’s been through, and how worn it appears, that molded eternal circle remains strong. I still can’t bend it to any other shape. I’ve tried.

Funny, my right hand is more powerful, but my left has something even stronger—an anchor in the sea of uncertainty. Worn and smooth but still an anchor. Holding special cargo safe from rough waters. Like a ship’s anchor, it rests on the side as an accessory ready to be called on when needed.

And even though it has lost some weight, it still feels heavy sometimes. But so does life.  Maybe we need something to remind us that nothing is perfect. Especially a marriage. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth the wear and tear.