Contributed by ShirlBCreations

For as long as she can remember, ShirlB has created art in one form or another. Energized by this, it has become her passion. Her work continues to evolve with her gang of whimsical characters (which she has created over her lifetime), now taking center stage on her art greeting cards. ShirlB’s art prints and note cards are designed from a wide and diverse body of work, many with multi-cultural themes. Giclee art prints from her illustrations and original abstracts on canvas are a real eye opener.

ShirlB’s creations are without limit. Her work is clean, sharp, earthy and minimalist. Her inspiration is derived from life in NYC with all of its diversity and also from her Cherokee Indian heritage.

ShirlB’s legacy is to leave others feeling special through her creations. She hopes her work will bring laughter, a smile and even spread peace and love throughout the world.