Kid in Water, Coney Island – Photo by Carolyn Karsten Photography

Summer Update, July 2012

There is so much going on here at food for the soul™, in large part thanks to all of our loyal soul mates (subscribers). Our Market Café has expanded and now has a unique gift: a design-your-own fragrance kit offered by fragrance passionista, Sue Phillips of Scenterprises Ltd. What products or services inspire you? Have you created a product or service that you are passionate about and want to sell it in our Café? Do you know someone who has developed a product or service that our soul mates would enjoy? If so, contact us at for details about making this happen.


We are also delighted to share with you the realization of Donna Marie’s dream of being an author—her first book, The Freedom Zone™, co-authored with Freedom guide, Sharon Brick. The Freedom Zone™ takes you on a journey to discover the source of energy, vitality and joy that you can bring to your life right now no matter what situation you find yourself in. We will let you know the moment it’s available in our Market Café so you can begin your own Freedom journey. In the meantime, be sure to visit the website for details about The Freedom Zone™.


Contributors Cup

On June 16th 2012, one of our fave charities, Hearts of Gold, hosted their 2nd Annual Kids Walk which was an amazing success. To support the efforts of Hearts of Gold in their mission to foster sustainable change in the lifestyle and levels of self sufficiency for homeless mothers and their children, here’s how you can help:

  • Give gently used clothing to and shop at The Thrifty Hog
  • Make a donation to Hearts of Gold
  • Contribute to the coat drive and help keep a kid warm this winter


Globetrotting correspondent, Mike Di Paola, brought Fauna & Flora International (FFI) to our attention. Its mission is “To act to conserve threatened species and ecosystems worldwide, choosing solutions that are sustainable, based on sound science and take into account human needs.” Now you can download Mike’s latest e-leaf for only .99, be entertained and make a difference at the same time as all the proceeds will go to support this worthwhile cause.


Let’s Get Social!

Our intention is to get more of our soul mates talking about what feeds their inspirations and fuels their passions, and expand our online community. We are thrilled that so many of you are visiting our website as well as following us and sharing your thoughts and ideas on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn. Thank you for your involvement and we encourage you to continue the exchange by commenting on and forwarding the Daily Treat, submitting your ideas for a guest blog, and providing feedback on our popular feature, The Daily Special.


Now Showing on YouTube! Another way we’re connecting is through our new YouTube channel, FFTS-TV, where Donna Marie and guest chefs share their personal insights and favorite videos. We hope you’ll subscribe, share videos that inspire you and tune in often to feed your inspiration!


Of special Pinterest to our soul mates. If you are on Pinterest, the social media site that allows members to create virtual bulletin boards of web images that interest them, you can follow what’s new with food for the soul™ on our Pinterest Page. Do you need a Pinterest invite? Write to us at and we’ll send you one.


Get Mugged by FFTS!

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Want to get one of our mugs for free? Here are a few ways to start sipping your inspiration in style – at no charge:

  • Buy five (5) mugs from our Market Café and we’ll add one for free as a thank you for your support.
  • Every 10th person who signs up for free in a given month will receive one of our premium stuffed mugs filled with goodies to enjoy (coffee, cocoa, cookies, chocolate stirring spoons). And, we will also send a similar mug to the person who refers them. So, the more people you invite, the more chances for you and people in your network to own our signature mug of inspiration.


Finally, and most importantly, without you there is no food for the soul™ community so we thank you for subscribing, sharing and feasting on our expanding smorgasbord of inspiration!


Be inspired!
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