Contributed by Bianca, Authentic Living Guide

BiancaFear is connected to feelings of inadequacy, lack and even shame for me. It doesn’t feel like a place of power. I try to avoid it. Yet I’ve learned that stepping into fear offers tremendous opportunity for healing and stands as a gateway to wholeness and a satisfying life.

My realization happened one bright spring day. The sun embraced the sky and the birds welcomed in dawn with a symphony of song. I didn’t feel so cheerful. I woke to a feeling of panic. Something was brewing in me, I wasn’t sure what, but it felt big. The panic made me uneasy.  I tried to resist and avoid it. That turned out to be the exact opposite of what I needed to do to find peace. I needed to step into the fear, so I decided to invite it in and have a chat.

I asked the panic what it was, what it was about and what it had to share with me. The answer surprised me. It offered me a glimpse into a part of me that I hadn’t seen before, a part that legitimately held me back from what I said I wanted in my life. It told me why I was held back. Then the most extraordinary thing happened. It showed me the way out. Life that felt hard one minute became effortless. I found compassion for myself too, which opened up more possibility for my life.

It wasn’t by running from the fear that this all became available. It was by embracing and honoring the fear and allowing it to share its gifts with me. It offered me a way to hear what I call my own deep wisdom and remember my true nature. It allowed me a path to heal a deeply wounded piece of myself simply and without drama.

Being in the power of your fear can be challenging. You must realize you have fear. Then you have to be brave enough to face it head on. Yet stepping in is the way to freedom.