The disparity between how much we think we give and how much we deem we get in return is often the cause of conflict in relationships. There is almost always one who gives, gives, gives and then is disappointed when nothing comes in return, and another who takes, takes, takes, but cannot truly appreciate what they are receiving. Resentment ensues, and what began as a passionate and committed relationship grinds to an abrupt and unexpected halt. In some cases, people spend years bearing this resentment, both parties accumulating an exhaustive list of reproaches as thick as a phonebook.

Those who give while expecting something in return give with condition. Ultimately, they feel that they don’t deserve love – that old, forgotten feeling still lies there deep down, covered in resentment and demanding retribution.

In the other half of the equation are those who don’t have the capacity to give, those who only take from others. For them, nothing is ever enough. They are never satisfied. They take, but they cannot receive. <<Read More>>