Contributed by Bianca, Authentic Living Guide


Do you really want to have a big business or do you want more time to spend pursuing other activities that you love? Do you really want the bigger house or do you want to spend more time watching the sunset? Do you want more responsibility at work or more time to play with your children?

In order to live a life that is authentic and feels meaningful, you need to know what you really want. I call it hearing your heart, and it’s not always easy. The voices of your heart are shy, they can be subtle and people are often unable to hear what they need to hear because it’s just not something we’re taught to do.

As we grow we’re taught to listen to others. But self-listening offers you the best opportunity to live as an expression of who you really are in the world – to know what lights you up, what brings you joy, reminds you that this life is an amazing adventure with unlimited opportunities and that you are an important person with a vital role to play.

Hearing your heart can be intimidating. It’s like there is this subtle fear that you might upset the apple cart if you listen. You might realize the life you’ve worked so hard to create isn’t really the one you want. You might realize the things you’ve chosen over the years that have led you to this place and this time don’t feel right to you. It’s a valid concern, but fortunately life is filled with options and color and making little changes are often more than enough.

Some simple ways to start to tune into your heart is to slow down. Take some time off. Spend time with the TV, computer, email and cell turned off. During those moments ask yourself what is feeling really good in your life right now. See what you hear. Ask yourself what doesn’t feel so good right now. See what you feel. Make this a regular practice, for 5 minutes a day and see where it takes you. If you’re up for more of a challenge, take a few hours and go to a place that is quiet and unfamiliar to you, like a park. Focus your attention on reflecting on your life and your choices. Try to tune in to what is really working for you now and what feels constrictive and unyielding. It’s often helpful to take some notes about what you hear and review them later.

It’s not easy to start listening to yourself and even harder to start living from a place of your heart’s longings, especially when those longings are counter to what you’ve been told and taught and what society suggests is important, to be valued and is expected from you. It’s takes courage. It takes focus. It takes heart. And it takes being patient with yourself.

Bianca Di Salvo, Authentic Life and Vision Quest guide offers soulful support in helping you hear the deepest whisperings of your heart and create a life that feels whole, balanced and personally meaningful.

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