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Consistency.  Consistency is everything, I ate consistently, sat on my duff and watched television every night and didn’t exercise. The fat did not arrive all at once; it was a little bit at a time. Here’s the backstory.

I was always thin; that also took consistency, the kind of consistency that I did not think about as I ate what my mother made (yuck!) at the time that included lots of vegetables, salad and balanced meat and starches. Plus, I rode my bike every day and walked a lot.  Then I moved to America and got married I went from 145lbs to 160lbs, large New York style dinners that at first I scoffed at and then started to indulge in.  This was consistency number one.  I spent nights indoors with my new husband eating ice cream and my exercise became zero, as I was a little afraid to ride my bike in New York.

No exercising and eating food for four people, my weight slowly crept up, consistently.  Now, I bring this up to say that I didn’t have a chemical imbalance; I didn’t have a slow metabolism or anything medically wrong with me.  What I had was the consistency of not having the right balance—I was eating large portions, eating late at night and not exercising.

When we desire change in our lives, it takes work to go out and get it.  I am obsessed with success and I have learned that success takes a huge commitment.  A commitment to transform your life takes consistency.  If you desire to release fat from your body, it takes a full blown, consistent effort.

I love listening to people talk as I go about my daily business.  Recently, as I was walking down Clinton Avenue in Brooklyn, I overheard a woman talking on the phone about her weight. The story went something like this.  “I don’t know what happens to my weight.  It seems as though I lose a lot of weight then I have some macaroni and cheese and my weight just seems to pile back on. Girl, I don’t know.  I’m not exercising, and I’ve been eating yams and stuff and I cannot seem to lose the weight.  Giggle!”

Well, we have all been this woman; maybe not eating healthfully and desiring to lose weight, believing that we can do it through osmosis.  I have been her.  It was not until I developed consistency, when my actions became automatic that I was able to get the results I was looking for.

Now, it was not easy.  It was painful building muscle and working out doing pushups and running because I heard all my internal conversations running around my head telling me, “This is hard”,  “You could do 3 laps and stop”, “That’s enough”, “Oh my legs hurt”, “I can’t breathe.”  “What the ‘bubble wrap’ is going on”, “It’s too dark outside”, “I cannot climb another step.  Please Dr. Evil no more pushup.  I can’t do it.”  Wanting to cheat myself, I heard all my internal conversations – “Say you did 3 when I know I have only done 2.”  My favorite excuse was, “My butt is too heavy I cannot run; I don’t like that feeling.” Hello!

However, consistency had me see my internal conversations for the distractions they were and keep it moving.  Successful people keep moving.  They might get knocked down but, by taking responsibility time and time again inside of the world of consistency, they stay with it.

Accomplishing anything that is new and different is usually difficult and calls for consistency.  Just ask the Beyonces, Oprahs, Jay-Zs, Ben Carsons, Michael Critchtons, Emily Blunts of the world or any successful people.  Getting to where they are today took having a dream they believed in and a commitment to their personal success. It takes great effort and consistency to be successful in your life. Anything you would like in you life share it, tell it to people who will support you in being your best self and achieving your goal.  Release people who put you down or try to make you feel bad about yourself.  Always pay attention to the fact that no one can make you feel bad about yourself; they say what they say and you can take it into your space or you can choose to ignore it and move on knowing that statement doesn’t work for you.  Keep creating more and more goals for yourself, break them down into bite size pieces and accomplish them one bite at a time each time remembering to celebrate your achievement.  Consistency is the key you success.

Consistency is not “I will do it tomorrow.” Consistency is creating a platform for yourself, sharing with others and setting yourself up to win.

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