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Sex, Sex, Sex. All I can think of is sex; sex is all around me and I have not had sex in about one year and one month.  I have just noticed that in my life, I am surrounded by women. I work with women, and I hang out with women.  Nothing’s wrong with my sisters, however, it is time for me to get some Man Energy.

So since I have been focusing on man energy and sex, so far, I have attracted into my life the activities of my neighbors.  So, okay, I have not been getting any sex and my Vagina, or as the trendy people say Vajaja, (I have no idea if I have spelled it correctly) is missing that pleasure. But, I have attracted conversations with my neighbors about their sex lives.  My upstairs neighbor and his boyfriend are having so much sex that I am afraid that the ceiling is going cave in and I end up under their bed.  My neighbor to the left of me, who has two bedrooms but has just put a new bed in the bedroom that I share a wall with, has decided that this will be his new sex room.  Well, he and his girlfriend wake me up at 6:00 am to the not so sweet sounds of them screaming, groaning wildly and the headboard banging on the wall we share.  I think the Universe is now telling me something.  (Loudly)

So, as the founder of I am Pink Bubble, where the intention is nothing is wrong, there is no lack and everything is available, I am answering the Universe and I’m bringing some man energy into my life.  My world has been without Man Energy for so long that my Vagina thinks my throat has been cut. It really thinks and feels I’m dead.

So, this last Thursday, at a party I conjured up a very attractive man who invited me to hang with him in Jamaica, that is another story for another time ladies. So this weekend I am off to Jamaica for a fun time in the sun with some overdue Man Energy.  Who knows maybe my Vajaja will come back to life.  But I won’t tell.  So, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How long has it been since you have had some Man Energy?
  2. How long is too long?
  3. What are you willing to do about it?

I request that you put on your Man Attracting Energy and go get you some Man Energy!  Do you accept?

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   “Live Life Your Way”

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