Isha JuddThe modern world is an uncertain place. Sliding stock markets and new technologies transform society at a dizzying pace, and no one can say what tomorrow will bring. Of course, this has always been true: the future has always been marked by uncertainty; such is the mystery of life. But maybe now this truth is becoming more evident; no matter where we live in the world, the illusion of material stability holds little promise of securing our future.

How can we overcome the feeling of insecurity in an uncertain world? How can we find true stability in the shifting sands of modern times? The truth is, security can be found only where it has always been found: true security can only be found within.

Within each of us lies absolute stability. Within the experience that I call love-consciousness, no lack, no fear can be sustained. Love-consciousness is the experience of pure being, of our true nature. It is not a mystical or esoteric experience; in fact, it is the most concrete experience in the universe. But in order to reach this experience, we must learn to embrace our fears and doubts; we must learn to embrace every aspect of ourselves if we want to find completion. <<Read More>>