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You’re the only person that is responsible for your life.

In life, things happen.  You meet different people and experience different events that impact your life and you might feel you cannot control.  I am here to let you know that you are the only person that can choose what you do with those experiences.  You can use your experiences as tools that are either empowering or disempowering, you get to choose.  It is your responsibility to choose what you do with the experiences in your life.  “Your Life” not my life.

It is important that you take charge of your life, that you consider the state of your affairs and decide what is working for you and what is not working.  Ask yourself: What is missing and if it was present, how would your life look?

As a coach, I experience clients who live with a victim’s mentality, blind to their own magnificence.

You say your childhood was not so easy and you grew up in an unhealthy environment; you feel weighed down by self-defeating cycles; you feel powerless, undervalued, a loser, overwhelmed; and the list goes on. Okay, so you had a malicious, hateful relationship or a spiteful co-worker who sabotaged you and got you fired.  Yes, that is a bad circumstance and feels awful.  However, you cannot let that or any experience, take away your power!  It is time to rise up.  It is time to start being authentic.  People who are effective do not stay stuck in the past.

Do you want to be powerful?  Get real in your life, your relationships and your job.  Take time to add fun, creativity and balance. Know in your heart that you will survive. If you want a great life, the choice is yours—live it!  Successful people do not loiter in their past. Successful people learn from their past, take what they need and let it go.  They live in the present; they plan and create newly for their future.  When things happen that they do not desire or like, they reach into their power and deal with the facts.  With the facts they take full responsibility and sort out the situation in a way that gets constructive results and reflects their lives in a respectful, positive and self loving way.

Know that you are great. Rise up! Take responsibility for your life.

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   “Live Life Your Way”

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