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In order to free ourselves from fear, we must leave behind that which we understand and face what lies beyond: we must make the unknown, known.

If we stay within the confines of knowledge, we can never experience our full capacity. Even Einstein was aware of the limits of the intellect: He said “Knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world.” Your true greatness lies deeper than the mind: your raw, untapped potential, ready to expand and blossom in the manifest. Waiting patiently, there in the unknown void.

Dare to discover, to live with passion; to experience the fullness, joy, peace and unconditional love that lie in your heart. When you find them, you will realize that you always knew they were there, that what lay in the void was not unknown after all, but merely forgotten.

Then that fear becomes your greatest teacher, the light that leads the way forward: By walking towards fear, we continue to challenge the confines of existence, moving into ever greater awareness of our true self.

How do we do this? First, we must cultivate an inner awareness of what I call love-consciousness, which is what the facets of my system are for. Maybe you use a different practice. The important thing is we develop this warm, secure place within, this safe haven where we can cast our anchor.

Our fears are provoked by external uncertainty. Fear of losing our attachments, of something that might go wrong and challenge our feeling of safety. When the fear comes, we shut down, and our defenses go up. We begin to resist the flow of life, to say no to the new and unexpected.

When the fear comes, go inwards and connect with the silent space within. You will see your fears appear and activate their defensive responses; then you can choose not to act upon them, but to keep going inwards instead.

If you are afraid of some external change, be it moving house, finding a new job, leaving your partner or starting a new relationship, the important thing is to feel. That way, instead of allowing insecurity to dominate your actions, you will be able to move beyond and choose to flow with the unexpected, the new, even though the fear may still be present.

If you are afraid of saying what you feel, because of what it might provoke in a situation or relationship, speak your truth, even if the thought terrifies you. Don’t allow the fear to rule your actions: Challenge it and its grip will loosen.

In every moment we have a choice. Ultimately, that choice is for fear or love. Love of self is to be a prisoner of fear no longer.

Dare to move beyond that which limits you. Say a big “yes” to yourself, your truth. In doing so, you will open to receive the abundant flow of the universe, that only wants to give you the best. It is an inner change that changes everything externally.

Give it a try, and tell me how it goes in the comment section below.