Contributed by Noreen Sumpter, Self-Esteem & Confidence Coach


This weekend I had a fabulous time.  I went to a seminar called Wisdom Unlimited, a community event where you could invite your loved ones and play.  The cornerstone of Wisdom Unlimited is play. People who came got to explore the qualities of a child at play—such as curiosity, wonderment, invention, and engagement – with the maturity and wisdom of adulthood. It was the sheer enjoyment of “being” in the moment of daily life with no motives or agendas. Where does one get to live like that? I feel that this experience will have me growing throughout the year. During the event, I saw people being touched, moved and inspired by their own humanity. They got an opportunity to share themselves without barriers, with people they knew and strangers.

In the seminar, I decided to create a 1st class life. It showed up immediately! At the airport, I was bumped up to a seat with extra legroom. We received free food. I realized on my return that I only spent in total $35 for the whole weekend.  Why? Because I allowed myself to be taken care of.  How does one do that? By approaching life differently. What I am taking on in my bones is knowing that anything I want for my life is right under my nose and all I have to do is reach out and ask.  I am taking on asking without fear and accepting that it comes naturally.

Do you know that we stop growing unless we deliberately take action in our growth and development? Our lives are a series of conversations that we have with people. If we examine our conversations, we will get a complete look at the kind of life we are living and creating.  Some of us are not creating lives because we are stuck in limiting conversations.

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