Contributed by Debra D.

Wellness ResolutionFor 2013 I made a wellness resolution—I decided to put my health first. I had noticed I easily spent time watching hours of TV and scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed but often complained about not having the time to be healthy.  How could I continue making this important part of my life a back burner issue any longer?

Since making my resolution, I’ve taken two specific actions that I felt I would maintain. I’ve been consistent with them and I’ve begun to see the results.

  • I decided to get acupuncture treatments to treat my problems with insomnia. My sleep patterns have improved and I’m already feeling more energetic each day.
  • I decided to restructure my meals to include more vegetables and grains and less meat and dairy. I have also given up coffee and cut back on my alcohol consumption.  I am losing weight and fitting more comfortably into my clothing.

In retrospect, I don’t miss the foods I’ve given up and have no desire to go back to my old eating habits.  Most of all, I no longer view these steps towards better health as a form of deprivation.  Rather I see these actions as the best gift I have ever given myself—healthy choices that will improve the quality of my life.

Now it’s time to add some exercise into the mix—I’ll start with daily walks for a minimum of 30 minutes and keep you posted on my progress later on this year.

What healthy changes have you made this year? We invite to add your tips in the box below.