Contributed by Kenya K.


I have been trying to lose weight for years.  It has been my resolution too often so last year I decided to stop worrying about losing weight and instead decided to focus on eating healthy.

On previous occasions, I would go on the latest diet and join a gym. Before too long, I would give in to temptation and go off the diet plan; I would work out like mad, get tired and frustrated about not seeing results fast enough and stop going to the gym.

This time I followed a plan of changing my eating habits step by step. I started eating whole wheat bread, tried new types of fruit and vegetables (no more I hate vegetables excuse). I still ate cake and cookies, but, as time went by, I desired them less and less. It was not a conscious choice. It just sort of happened. After reading about the health benefits of nuts, I began packing them as a snack for lunch, which meant I no longer craved chips or candy bars from the vending machine.

Each time I made a change, other changes, even benefits, would follow. I started to walk more and take the stairs instead of the escalator at the mall.  Now that I pack lunches instead of buying fast food, I have also been spending less, which means more money in my pocket—I sure didn’t see that coming! Now, getting together with friends is not only drinks or dinner, I added more outside activities such as museum visits and other events that required me to move around.

The result of all these changes is I wound up losing ten pounds and I have kept it off.  While achieving this result took some planning, it felt pretty effortless. Plus, I have more vitality, haven’t gotten any colds and I don’t have mood swings.

What health changes did you make last year? We invite you to write your comments in the box below.