Contributed by Rei H.

Staying in shape is good for our health but it can also be good for others.  There are lots of charities out there that are linked to your exercise activities, weight loss and healthy eating.

  • The Biggest Loser Pound for Pound Challenge. You can register on your own or with a group of like-minded friends.  For each pound you lose, a pound of food is donated to Feeding America an organization devoted to providing meals to hungry families across America.
  • Fitness For Charity. This organization will accept your old exercise equipment and donate them to those in need.
  • Give Running. If you have some old athletic shoes that you would like to pass on, this organization will rehab the shoes and give them to disadvantaged youth.
  • Plus 3 Mobile App. Just like a walk-a-thon, this app has teamed up with 30 different charities to raise money while you work out.  You can run, walk, do yoga, mountain bike, etc. and a GPS will log in your workout.  A sponsor will make a donation based on how much you worked out.
  • Local marathons and walk-a-thons. Most towns have different fun-runs, bike-a-thons and other charitable exercise events.  You can also sponsor your own event to raise money for a charitable cause that is important to you.

Do you know of any health-related charities to share?