Contributed to Ralph J.

The rule of thumb when it comes to water consumption is that we should all drink about 64 ounces of water a day. However, the right amount can vary. For example, if you are pregnant or if it’s hot and humid, you will need to drink more. Here are some ways to get your daily water requirement:

Schedule your drinks. I typically drink one glass when I first wake up, another before my coffee or tea. Then I’ll have a glass mid-morning and one before or after my lunch. Think about how you go about your day and be sure to integrate water as part of your daily routine.

Bring your own water.  I am on the go a lot so I started carrying around a portable bottle of water. Doing this has made it much easier for me to get the water I need each day.

Flavor your water.  I found that I was not drinking enough water because I find it boring.  So, I will either drink flavored water or add a little juice to my glass of water. It keeps it interesting for me and I get the water I need.

Eat your fruits and vegetables.  Eating water-rich foods helps you ingest more water. So, I have upped my consumption of fruits and vegetables like berries, oranges and celery.  Other foods such as soup and yogurt are also full of water.

Drink other fluids. Other than sodas (whose health benefits are negated by their sugar content) vegetable juices, tea, coffee, and fruit juices might not be an equal substitute for water but they do count.

Pay attention to your body.  Hungry? Tired? Assuming you are not actually hungry or sleep-deprived, if you are feeling sluggish or hungry, drink some water. Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger; sometimes getting tired is a signal of dehydration. Drinking water will help with both of these problems.

How do you keep yourself hydrated? We invite you to share you comments in the box below.