Contributed by Jeremy G.

Becoming a certified personal trainer is not too difficult—there are weekend courses, online tests, and new forms of exercise all the time.  But there are differences between trainers so what should you know when you look for a personal trainer?

How many years have they been working in the fitness world?  The more years of experience, the more likely your trainer will have worked with a variety of people. So, chances are they have clients with similar needs to yours.

Do they have any experience working with people with your limitations?  If you had a fractured collarbone, or a knee replacement, you want to be sure to work with someone who has the type of knowledge needed to design a program that will not result in you re-injuring yourself.

Does the trainer’s approach fit with your expectations? If you are interested in endurance, you won’t want someone who is focused on bodybuilding. If you prefer someone with a calm demeanor, then the trainer who motivates with yelling and always pushing you beyond what you are comfortable then they are not for you.

Do they regularly participate in some form of education? If they continuously educate themselves, it indicates they are passionate about training and are more likely to be up-to-date on the latest techniques.

Are they available at the times you can train?  If they have an extremely busy schedule or your available times conflict with their appointments they may not be able to fit you in, but all might not be lost, ask for a referral.

Finding the right trainer can boost your exercise regimen to the next level and make working out more successful, even a joy.