Contributed by NeNe G.

I have so many apps on my phone.  One day when I was waiting for my partner and browsing through them, I wondered if there were any relationship apps or websites.  Here are a few I found:

Goal: To Increase Communication: Tokii.  Sometimes I want to talk to my partner about something but don’t want to bring it up. I am afraid we will fight or maybe they will hide their feelings from me.  Tokki provides games for couples to answer online to help spark conversations.  You can even let your partner know your mood before you come home from work.  If you feel particularly grumpy, they will know ahead of time and be more sensitive.  Believe me it works.

Goal: To Find New Fun Things To Do: Ravyn.  You can find out what is going on in real time by using this app.  You can also share events that you are going to and connect to Facebook so you can see where your friends are headed.

Goal: To Find Cultural or Outdoor Date Ideas: Date Smart.  Based on your location, the app can give you ideas on where to go based on categories.  You can choose educational, cultural, outdoor, and even ideas on what to do when you are staying in.

Goal: TO Spice Up Your Sex Life: iKamasutra.  Tired of the same positions? This app includes 110 of the most popular positions; you can save positions that you want to try later, and it allows you to send suggestions of positions by email.

Do you have any suggestions for online love advice?