Contributed by Troy J.

Happy V Day

Valentine’s Day is on Friday and if you are anything like me, this is something you realized this morning. Your partner is expecting some romance and you are unsure what you can throw together last minute.  Here are some ideas:

Dinner at home. If you can, go home early from work, clean the house and prepare a home cooked meal. If cooking is not your strong suit, order in from your partner’s favorite spot. Set the table, light some candles and pop some flowers in a vase.

Pamper your partner. Plan to wait on your partner hand and foot. Give them a foot massage, or a full body one and feed them chocolate dipped strawberries. Make them feel like your beloved.

Decorate a room. Focus on the bathroom or bedroom. Place tea lights around the room, rose petals on the floor, tons of balloons, chocolates and pop some champagne. Set a warm bubbly bath or cover the bed in some satin sheets.

Volunteer. If you want to have an activity date, why not volunteer? You can plant flowers in a local garden, deliver Valentine’s Day gifts to a local hospital or serve food to the elderly. Doing good for others helps to make everyone feel good.

Create fun with art. Grab some art supplies at an art supply store. Pastels work nicely and are inexpensive. Draw portraits of each other or take the canvases outdoors and draw some local scenery. It is all for fun so feel free to be abstract if you are worried about your artistic skills.

Of course, not all of us have partners so how can you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  How about marking Valentine’s Day by doing something special for you like treating yourself to one of your favorite things.

What are your Valentine’s Day ideas? We invite you to share them with us in the box below.