Contributed by Rick F.

Sometimes you start dating someone new, things seem to be going well and then you never hear from them again.  What happened?  Did you do something wrong? Was it something you said? Instead of spending hours agonizing over your dates, analyzing every move and word, step back, take a breath and realize it may not have been you. People stop contact early in a relationship for many reasons.

They don’t want to hurt your feelings or are unsure about what to say.  Breaking up is hard to do and sometimes you are not that into someone.  But how do you tell them without them being overly emotional or taking it personally? You jump ship and break all contact.  Not the bravest thing to do, but it is common none the less.

You only went out a couple of times. Two dates is not a relationship. It is simply two dates.  If someone stops calling after two dates, it is because the relationship is not a big deal.  It is not a commitment and after only two dates you are not owed an explanation.

They found someone better.  Telling someone you like someone better than them is hard to do.  It can leave the other person feeling rejected.  There is nothing wrong with you—they just have more in common with the other person.

They are casual about dating.  Maybe you would have liked an explanation but they feel that is old-fashioned.  They may be thinking “everyone is dating around, what’s the big deal?”

It seems nicer.  Instead of telling you the truth about why they stopped calling, “I like someone better,” or “I’m just not that into you” or lying, “It’s not you it’s me,” they think it’s nicer to just walk away … unnoticed …  and avoid an uncomfortable conversation.

What reasons have you left a relationship without explanation? We invite you to comment in the box below.