Contributed by Ted K.

There are mixers, speed-dating and on-line dating, and now there is dating to help aid a local charity.  Here is how to find a dating organization that will support a cause you love.

Single Volunteers. There a lots of organizations around the world that bring singles together in a volunteer setting.  In these events you can bond with others who share the same passion as you.  In a low-key setting that emphasizes what you are doing instead of what you are wearing, you can meet new people and get to know them.  Even if you do not meet anyone special the first time, you will leave with a sense of joy just from being of service.

Meetup.   Meetup is a great website to find groups of people who are interested in your passions.  I was able to find events from New York  to Seattle by just typing in “singles charities.”

Speed dating.  Many different speed dating events will give a portion of their registration fee to a charitable cause.  They are held all over the world and a simple Google search will turn up some in your area.

Charity auctions.  Some charities will auction off dates with celebrities and prominent members of society for a cause.  While this is usually a one-time thing it is a great way to get to meet people who are like-minded. If you don’t win a date, you might meet someone there.

Creating your own date.  While it may not work for a first date, you can always arrange a date with your partner to do something charitable. If you know your partner is passionate about a specific cause, you can plan a date supporting the cause.  Doing something charitable together will help bring you closer together and forge some intimacy.  Plus it shows your partner that you support them and their passions.

Do you have any ideas for a charity date?