Contributed by Keith J.

Sexual health is not something to be ignored because you feel uncomfortable talking about it—ignoring it can lead to serious problems down the road in life.  Here are five sexual health tips for men.

Change your bike seat. Riding a bike is a great way to get the blood pumping and helps to keep you energized and fit.  However, spending lots of time on a bike seat puts a lot of pressure on the testicles, which can affect blood flow or destroy blood vessels and lead to impotence. There are different types of bike seats so be sure to choose one that eliminates pressure such as “no nose” seats or hammock seats.

Practice Keigel exercises.  Keigel exercises are not just for women. They increase sexual pleasure and health in men as well by strengthening the muscles at the base of the penis.  By practicing keigel exercises, you can delay ejaculation and heighten your orgasm.  Doing keigel exercises involves contracting your muscles as you would if you were trying to stop the flow of urine. Squeeze the muscles and hold for a few seconds and repeat.

Become a non-smoker. Smoking can cause sexual dysfunction in men. Specifically, it damages the small arteries that bring blood to the penis making it difficult to maintain an erection and also reduces sperm count and quality. Yet another reason to give up this habit!

Use lubricants. As you grow older, the sensitivity in your penis diminishes gradually.  Lubricants help increase sexual enjoyment and eliminate unwanted friction that can result from uncomfortable pulling of the skin.

Reduce alcohol intake. The more you drink you are at risk for sexual dysfunction.  Alcohol lowers inhibitions, but it also lowers libido, making it harder to orgasm.

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